Model overview

Anyone who builds campervans is no longer up to date. Therefore we build CUV! Our Caravaning Utility Vehicles are modern and fully equipped allrounders that offer high living comfort in compact dimensions. The CaraBus is our unique CUV allrounder: it is spacious, agile and shines with great equipment details. The minimalist CUV alternative to the CaraBus is the cool CaraTour. The „simpleless‟ CUV makes the start of your vacation as easy as never before. 

The CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] offers plenty of space for your passion. In the huge, gas‐tight rear garage, two motorcycles can be comfortably parked, plus you have a fully equipped living room with everything you need between races and on tour. 

The CUV goes high with the MQH high‐roof models or the brand new CUV pop‐up roof, which outshines all other pop‐up roofs available on the market and sets new quality standards. 

But now enough talked. Let our CUV speak!