Camper van pop-up roof

Comfort zone on two floors
up to 7 sleeping places
4 belted seats
10 layouts
from 3.500 kg

With their completely newly developed pop‐up roofs the WEINSBERG camper van makes all others look old. After all, it’s not for nothing that we have invested numerous hours in absolute functionality, state‐of‐the‐art material development such as LFI technology and safety.

The camper van pop-up roof layouts

Enough space for those who want to reach high altitudes: To feel at home in your pop‐up roof, you need the right substructure. That’s why we can offer the camper van pop‐up roof for all layouts that support the vehicle height „H2‟. Click here to find out which layouts for CaraBus and CaraTour are compatible with the pop‐up roof.

Camper van-pop up roof - Interior

More freedom for you and your dreams: Experience unique sleeping comfort and more closeness to nature than ever before in the camper van pop‐up roof from WEINSBERG.

Camper van-pop up roof - Exterior

A pop‐up roof without a bulky structure. Beautifully integrated, aerodynamically designed and made of absolutely robust material. This is exactly what the WEINSBERG camper van pop‐up roof is.